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MBWhatsapp is an excellent source of communication. You can contact anyone all over the world with the help of this application. You can make video or audio calls to anyone. You can send text and voice messages and send your precious moments in pictures or videos. You can also share reels or videos on WhatsApp. Overall this is a beneficial application for us.


 Whatsapp is the best and most famous source of communication. It was developed and published by “Whatsapp LLC” on 18 Oct 2010. Whatsapp LLC is an Android app development company active since 2009 and based in the US. The current app portfolio contains three apps on Google Play Store. The founders of this company are Jan Koum and Brian Acton.

 MBWhatsapp is a modified version of the original Whatsapp Messenger application. In this version, you will get unlimited and beneficial features. You will also have great privacy options in this app. With the help of this application, you can save or copy any status you want; You can apply privacy to see the status, freeze your last scene, see deleted messages, and many more things.

 In the original version of Whatsapp, you have limited access. But in this WhatsApp, you have a lot of features. After seeing the features, you will feel proud of the developer. The MB Whatsapp comes with 3000 plus theme collection. You can also customize the theme on your behalf. You can make your Whatsapp interface as you want. You can make your WhatsApp just like iOS(iPhone). These things make him more famous. 

 Moreover, you can send the large size of files to your friends. This application allows you to send large files. You can lock your personal chat with anyone. Change the theme into dark and light. Download the MBWhatsapp update and enjoy the app. In the below section, we explain the features of this app. Read this article. We hope you will get beneficial information. 

What is MBWhatsapp iOS Mod Apk?

 MBWhatsapp iOS is also called iPhone Whatsapp. Stephanie creates this mod version. This iPhone Whatsapp was developed for Android users. After installing the app, you will see an interface like iPhone WhatsApp. You will get icons and emojis that are only on iPhone. So download and enjoy it.

Features of MB Whatsapp

 This Whatsapp has many valuable and beneficial features described in the below section.

mb whatsapp new version

Double Account

 With this feature, you can log in to multiple accounts in a single MB WhatsApp app. This is the best feature of this application. You don’t need to download any other WhatsApp. After logging the double accounts, you can easily see your accounts. So download this and enjoy it.

Lock Your Chat

 Everyone has their personal chat with someone, and they are worried about this to secure conversation from anybody. So this Whatsapp solves your problem. You can lock a single chat. This is one of the best features of this app. You can lock chat with a pin, pattern, and fingerprint. Download this Whatsapp and enjoy this with a good privacy policy.

Hide Chat Name

 Many peoples have their personal contact numbers and name. They want to hide the name on the chat screen. It is easy with the help of MB Whatsapp. This application allows you to hide your chat name. Hide the name and enjoy your personal chat without a name.

Auto Reply

 This feature is most useful for business people peoples. Because they need to give a reply very soon as possible, they can use this feature. In this feature, they write their specific message. When anybody texts them, then auto reply answers automatically.

Save Status

 In the original WhatsApp, you can’t download or save your friends’ status. You can see the status. If you want this status, you will text that and send me this status. But in MBWhatsapp Plus, you can easily save your friend’s status. You have a download button to save the status. Just download the status and upload it on your status without telling him. 

Copy Captions from Pictures

 People make their Whatsapp statuses in the form of poetry and other caption, and they also make statuses as a caption on pictures. This application allows you to copy captions. You can easily copy captions from images. 

Hide Multimedia Files From the Gallery

 Download this app if you want your Whatsapp data, like pictures and videos, not shown on your mobile gallery. This application provides an option to hide multimedia from the gallery. Your data will not show on your mobile gallery just on this feature.

iOS Theme

This Whatsapp is also called MBWhatsapp iPhone. Because this application has an iOS theme, after applying this theme, your Whatsapp looks like iPhone Whatsapp. This is specially made for Android users.

Font and Color 

 This Whatsapp comes with lots of fonts and colors. Each font has different styles. Every people has like different font and color style. Please select your favorite font from the setting and enjoy it. Moreover, you can also change the color combination. Choose your favorite attractive color to make your WhatsApp awesome. 

Hide Typing and Recording

 If you want to hide typing and recording, you should download MB Whatsapp. In this application, you can easily hide the typing and voice recording status. If you enable this option from the setting, then it will work. In the official application, you can’t use these features.

Share Large Files

 The official version of Whatsapp allows you to share files in low mb and limited. You can’t send large and unlimited files to anyone. But in this version, you can send large files to anyone. 50 MB of audio, 700 MB of videos, and you can send 90 images at a time to your friends and siblings. 

See Delete Messages

 Sometimes your friends send you a message and delete the news, and you want to see the deleted message. This is possible with this application. Because this application has an anti-delete option, you can see the deleted messages after enabling this option. This is an outstanding feature of this app. In the original app, you can’t see the deleted messages. 

Hide Status View

 Every Whatsapp user adds Whatsapp status in text, video, and pictures. On the status screen, they can see who viewed the status. And if you want to hide your number, no one will know you saw your status. Go to the setting and enable this option. After this, no one notices your name or number on the viewed list.

Anti Delete Status

 If anyone from your contact list deletes their Whatsapp status, then the status disappears from all contacts. But in MBWhatsapp, actualizar is powerful Whatsapp. If anyone deletes their status, that status will not delete from your status gallery. You can watch the status after deleting. Go to the setting and enable this option.

Message Scheduler 

 In this feature, you will set the time, date, and contact number. After this, you will write the message that you want to send your friend. The message will be sent at the date and time you set already. This is a type of reminder. If you wish someone to first, this is your best option.

Who Can Call Me?

 In the original Whatsapp, everyone can call you. But in this version, you can set the privacy for calling. You will have these options.

  • Everyone
  • My Contact
  • My Contact Except
  • Select Contact 
  • Nobody

Choose the privacy one of them. You can also select contact randomly.

Send a Message to Unsave the Number

 In the official Whatsapp, you need to save the contact number before sending messages to anyone. After saving the phone number, you can send messages. But in this WhatsApp, you don’t need to save the contact. You can send messages without saving the number.

 Additional Advanced Features

  • Separate tabs of chats and groups.
  • Apply emojis and stickers on profile photos.
  • You can send messages without saving contact numbers.
  • This application has many tools to make stickers.
  • You can remove forwarding messages for forwarding messages.
  • Apply this privacy who can call you.
  • It comes with more than 3000 themes.
  • Remove the media files to show in the phone gallery.
  • The status capacity is 250+ words.
  • Lock your favorite or personal single chat.
  • Colors and themes can be changed.
  • Copy the caption from the pictures.
  • Lock your Whatsapp.
  • You can back up your conversation.

Comparison Between MBWhatsapp and Original Whatsapp




Day and Night Mode
Large File Sharing
Hide Status View
Hide and Freez Last Scene
Status Character Lenght139+255+ 
Media Sharing Size15MB1GB
Theme iOS ThemeNormal Theme
Forward Tag
Available on Play Store 
Single Chat Lock 
Status Download
Caption Copy 
Anti Delete Status
Privacy Policy More Limited

Additional Requirements for this Application

  • Minimum Android operating system 4.0.3 required.
  • This application is a modified version of the official application made by a third party who does not have any contact with the owner. 
  • To install this application, you must allow “Unknown Sources” from the setting.

System Requirements for this Application

Android system                4.0.3
RAM                                 Minimum 2 GB or above
Storage                           63MB

How to Download and Install MBWhatsapp on Android

 To download and install this application on your Android system, follow the instructions below.

  • Search the download button of this application.
  • Then click on the download button.
  • After completing the download, open it.
  • Click on the install button.
  • Then allow unknown sources from the setting.
  • After installing, open it.
  • Log in or restore your account.
mb whatsapp download

MB Whatsapp Update

 Our team updates this application regularly. You should download the latest version from this site if you use an old version of this application. If you already use an updated version, you don’t need to download this. We hope you will be OK with downloading and installing. Use this application and enjoy it. Thank you.

Temporary Banned Problem

 If you face this problem, don’t worry. Follow the instruction below.

  • First, back up your chat.
  • Then uninstall this application from your device.
  • Download the updated version from this site. The link is given in the upper section.
  • Please install the application and open it.
  • Restore your data and enjoy the application.
mb whatsapp new version 2023

Final Words

 We used and reviewed MBWhatsapp and concluded that it was great. It would be best if you used it at least once. The features of this application are so many and more valuable. You can also make your Whatsapp just like iPhone Whatsapp. Privacy is also excellent and secure. You should download and install this application. We hope you will be fine after applying our instructions.

 Yes, it is completely safe and end-to-end encrypted.

 We are providing the latest and updated version of MBWhatsapp. You can download it from gplussapps.com. The updated version has more unique features.

 When your Whatsapp requires the update, come to the gbplussapps.com site and download the updated version of this application. After downloading, install it and enjoy.

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